AdminPARTNERS provides one of only a few fully web based Superannuation and Pension Administration platforms in Australia.  We offer both, premium Software As A Service (or as alternatively a fully in-house solution) for administration of small / medium sized Retirement Saving funds including Superannuation and Pension funds.

We own, maintain, and host one of the most comprehensive fully web-based administration systems for retirement, superannuation and pension schemes called MySuperSolution.

MySuperSolution-Your Solution



  • is fully compliant with superannuation and pension regulations and ATO requirements
  • is easy to use, responsive, browser based interface
  • offers Straight Through Processing of contributions
  • includes extensive reporting as well as adhoc reporting facility
  • compatible with Industry , Corporate , master trust superannuation as well as pension and transition to retirement
  • hosted on our secure state of the art hardware, and
  • Single sign on for all users (members, Employers, Advisors, Administrators,Trustees, etc), one site - anywhere, any time, any browser.

With introduction of Stronger Super (MySuper, FOFA and SuperStream) MySuperSolution is your solution to remain competitive in this consolidating market.

We are superannuation and pension experts. We know super, and we know IT systems.

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Isn’t it time you considered a hosted solution for your superannuation administration?

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