ASX trading


Yes.  Direct listed Investments are available.  Access to ASX investments can be enabled via the Scheme Configuration menu.  Access to ASX investments can be restricted to Top 100, Top 200 or other as required.
Corporate Actions for Dividends, Bonus Issue, Share Split/Consolidation, Capital Return, Instalment Call, Merger/Takeover and Demergers are managed on the system.

The system caters for “post” and “pre” trade, although currently has no direct “real time” interface to brokers to execute an order. The system allows orders to be collected regularly and sent to brokers for action and then imports the trade confirmation file generated by the broker.  
The system also allows for rules to be applied to restrict the investing options on members based on ranking (ASX 100, 200, etc.) or based on the available asset (e.g.  only 25% of assets on an individual investment).  This solution has successfully been integrated for some on the biggest Superannuation funds in Australia that offer direct ASX investment.

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