Can we try before we buy?


AdminPARTNERS understands the needs for a Fund to have full due diligence of their fund management product before making a full commitment.
To that end, AdminPARTNERS offer Superannuation Funds Administrators a Pilot option where AdminPARTNERS will host 10% of the member data base up to 2,000 members.
This arrangement is suitable for clients who wish to trial "The Solution" ensuring compatibility of their Business Process Models with the new system and hence gradually transition to The Solution.
AdminPARTNERS recommends this approach for medium to large funds. This approach allows clients and AdminPARTNERS to fine-tune their business processes and The Solution offering (particularly reports and fund configuration) prior to converting the entire fund to the new system. At the end of a predetermined period (which can be up to 6 months) the client then chooses whether they would like to proceed with the complete Solution.
For more details on the costs involved and the many issues you will need to consider, please Contact Us.


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