Data Management Services


Data Management Services are provided to our Clients by AdminPARTNERS Professional Services Team (APS).

APS offers a full data management services to our Clients. We focus on both data issues as well as the relevant business processes that may be the cause of the issues.
Data quality is an issue that is generally accepted as being critical to the performance of an administration entity. As a result, Data Auditing and Data Cleansing processes are becoming higher priorities in the eyes of superannuation Administrators and Trustees in particular.

Data is unquestionably subject to degradation over time. This can be as a result of factors such as continual software development, progressive legislative reform, takeover from other Administrators or significant changes in the product being offered. As a result, data cleansing is not to be considered as a one-off operation.
Request our white paper on this subject for more information.

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