MySuperSolution provides a fully Internet based solution designed to deliver the back-office administration functions targeted to superannuation funds and retirement savings. It allows superannuation and pension scheme administrators to manage their members' changing requirements, reporting and account records in the most efficient and flexible way possible.

Why MySuperSolution

Simply because MySuperSolution

  • is a fully complaint solution at no extra cost  - and will be for ever
  • can be offered to clients as a Software as a Solution (fully hosted) at no extra cost - no need for you to have any IT infrastructure
  • dedicated client support, again at no extra cost
  • uses the latest upgradable and scalable technology - Microsoft .net using SQL Server 2008 R2 - so it will never become a legacy system.

All of the above are provided at a very competitive fee, thanks to readily available technology and economies of scale.

With introduction of Stronger Super (MySuper, FOFA and SuperStream) MySuperSolution is your solution to remain competitive in this consolidating market.

It's a Partnership

While superannuation systems are extraordinarily complex and obscure, we know and understand exactly what superannuation administration is about and how important access to the right system is to the overall process. After all, some of our developers have been involved with Super since 1994.

Flexibility, choice and accessibility are key to our partnerships with our clients. The MySuperSolution system is:

* Affordable to access the system,
* Realistic in the cost incurred in transferring data, and
* Provides freedom to access as much, or as little, of the services as you require.

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